How Do I Report Someone After Game Valorant?

Valorant is currently only playable on Windows. The good news: According to the development studio, a mobile option is already planned. You can create an account for the game with just a few steps on the games page.

Visit the Valorant page in your browser and click on the “Play for free” button. If you don’t already have a Riot account, select “Create one”. If you’re already registered with Riot as a player of other games, click Sign In to log into your profile. Enter an email. Enter your date of birth. Choose a username and type in a secure password. Your account is now complete.

How To Download The Game

If you signed up for Valorant with an account, download the game now to start playing. In another tip, we will show you how to add friends in Valorant. If you have just created your account, just click on “Download”. You can also go to the download page with the link.

Enter your date of birth again for age verification. A Windows window for installing the game will now open. Click on “Save file”.

Open the download manager in the browser. In it, click on “Install the game. Confirm that you really want to install the game on your device. In the game’s installation that opens immediately, click on “Install”.

How Do I Report Someone After Game Valorant
How Do I Report Someone After Game Valorant

If you want to see how much money you have available for the next round, look at the top left of the buy screen, the lowest amount is there. This is how you can plan your economy. Use only even numbers for position, thickness and length when setting the crosshair, otherwise it will not center to the middle. We also recommend turning off the display of corpses. These are replaced by holograms, which makes it easier to recognize the weapons lying around, to know who you are reviving. How far can other players hear you? Just look at the mini map while walking around. When you make noise, circles emanate from you to show where you can be heard. A jumping course is hidden in the range. At the end, a little easter egg is waiting for you.

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