Great Investment Ideas For The Coming Years

The markets are looking at 2021 and beyond. Investment ideas to add to a portfolio for a year that promises at least as large fluctuations as in the previous years. Let’s look at all trends and see which companies can benefit from them.


Fund For Your Own Zone

Feel good and win could be the main idea of the asset funds. The focus is not on a return, but rather on a risk promise. The aim of the fund is to achieve a total return in dollars by investing in various markets and never to lose more than 10 percent in value even in unfavorable market constellations. The zone for many investors is between six and eight percent.


If there is one silver lining of the pandemic, it is that humans have plenty of time to spend. Also means: more time for new or old habits. Some of the companies that are interesting in this space include Pinterest for example.

The appeal of the site is pretty obvious. The search engine has become a meeting point for people who exchange recipes and inspiring tips on decoration, beauty and fashion. The number of monthly users rose 40 % to 415 million over the past year. Most of the new users are from outside the United States. Revenue only increased 4-5 % in the most recent quarter as advertisers initially cut their spending during the Corona crisis. However, the company announced in summer that the current quarter started with a 50 % increase in revenue year over year.

Moving To The Suburbs

Now is probably a good time to jump into the renewed interest in suburban living. The pandemic outbreak has driven people from their workplaces, and the same goes for the small apartments in high rise buildings in big cities that they rented too dearly. More and more companies are now allowing work from home. And people need more space without noisy neighbors to hold meetings from home. So the suburbs are coming back. Letting rates are over 90 %, and the same can be said about their move in rates. The shares also pay dividends.

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