Fun Dirty Sexy Questions To Ask Your Partner

Being intimate, maybe even wild questions can actually boost your partner’s imagination. Sometimes you just want more than just harmless small talk and a “How was your day, honey?” With these sexy questions for your partner, you will reveal many a dirty secret and also make him want more at the same time.

An open conversation about sexual preferences and fantasies can further stimulate lovemaking in a relationship, make it more exciting, passionate and intensify the partnership – even well beyond the confines of the bedroom. Through honest exchange and blunt communication, everyone learns exactly what the other really likes and which small and large adventures there are still to try out together.

Fun Dirty Sexy Questions To Ask Your Partner
Fun Dirty Sexy Questions To Ask Your Partner

-Have you ever bought anything from an online sex shop, and if so, what?

-What would you do if the delivery was left at your neighbors and they accidentally opened it?

-What clothes do you find me particularly sexy in?

-Can you imagine a threesome, and if so, with another woman or a man?

-What would you like to do with me more often, but don’t you dare ask me about it?

-When did you have your first time and how was it?

-Which celebrity would you like to spend a night with?

-Do you like cream during sex?

-Have you ever tried a role-playing game?

-What does the best foreplay look like for you?

-What visual stimulus really turns you on?

-Do you sometimes have bisexual fantasies?

-What was the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

-Where would you like to have some with me?

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As a far-sighted woman, you know of course that you won’t get very far with the eponymous phrase. If it is also preceded by the introduction, your partner’s willingness to talk will probably drop to zero. Intimate cuddling and a voice raised by three octaves provide the overkill – because such a supporting suggests that things are getting serious. Maybe even very seriously. The question you wanted to ask your boyfriend would have been really sexy. You didn’t plan to announce your mom’s visit or talk him into watching a comedy together – you just wanted to know what turns him on. Unfortunately, you were just as ill-prepared as he was and you forfeited the chance for an exciting sex talk.


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