Cheat Codes For Gothic 3

The hero has a bow in his inventory from the start and it should be used! Above all, some wild animals are initially difficult to defeat in close battle in Gothic 3 due to their very high attack frequency. With the bow, on the other hand, even small, agile opponents can be killed with just a few shots. So don’t skimp on learning points, and first bring the skill hunting skill to a value above 150 – even as a later swordsman! This has tangible advantages: Anyone who learns early on how to skin animals from the hunter in Kap Dun has notably fewer money issues later in the game. Hides, skins and claws from rare animals fetch a high selling price from all traders.

Combat Skills Against Large, Slow Animals

This is where the new battle controls show strengths and weaknesses. With right-left, however, you can keep any opponent well in check. The right-click spam may be successful in the beginning, but personally it doesn’t get you very far, because you need plenty of exercise for the more difficult monsters later in the game! Humans are creatures of habit and often tend to take the path that seems easiest. Nevertheless, try to avoid constant right-clicking and work your click timing instead! Observe carefully the behavior of your opponents! You will soon find out that you can judge exactly when the opponent, for example, will swing a strong sword blow. Then right-click briefly to interrupt his attack. If he then staggers back a bit, then you have enough time to place a hard blow yourself (long left click), which causes a lot of damage. Practicing the right timing at the beginning is sometimes annoying because you have to reload the save game more often. It’s worth it in the long run, because just right-clicking won’t get you very far later.

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Gothic 3

Temporarily Lower The Difficulty Level

For every player there are opponents that almost cut his teeth. There’s no shame in temporarily turning the difficulty down from average to easy. Great in Gothic 3: you can change the setting at any time during the game. So if you come to a point that is particularly frustrating for you, simply reduce the difficulty to “Easy” for the fight and go back to the regular level after the fight. You open the input for the cheats in Gothic 3 with the button, which is to the left of the [1]. There you can now enter the cheat codes.Some inputs expect a value that must be assigned to them using an equals sign.

camera.fMoveSpeedCamera=X.X Change camera movement speed in free flight

camera.fMoveSpeedAccel=X.X Changes the acceleration fact by which the camera accelerates when the key is pressed in free flight mode.

camera.fMoveSpeedDeccel=X.X Changes the damping by which the camera decelerates when the key is pressed in free flight.


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