Cozy Autumn Relaxation Decor Ideas

Do you want to furnish your relaxation decor ideas? We’ll tell you how you can create cozy relaxation areas with colors and pleasant lighting.


Furnish Comfortably

Creating relaxation retreat is a very individual decision. One loves retro design, the other needs modern furniture around them. Most of the time, a self-curated mixture of old and new feels pretty good. You can lean back wonderfully in wing chairs with a high back or beds with a hugging head and escape from everyday life securely. Low, wide sofas with soft covers are great as a sunbathing area for the whole weekend. But maybe the large kitchen or living room table is the main place of wellbeing where life happens – where the children do their homework, where people cook and eat and where they sit together with family and friends. Then we recommend an extendable way with sufficient width and, very importantly: comfortably upholstered dining table chairs with pleasantly supportive backrests, on which you can sit well for a long time.


Ideas For The Seat By The Window

There are three different ways to style a seat by the window: The simplest variant is a bay window as a fixed part of the design in the room from the start. Bay windows have been a symbol and special material since the Renaissance, enriching the living space – regardless of whether it is a living room or dining room, bedroom or children’s room – with light and openness. For subsequent installation, for example in a rented home, it is possible to convert an existing window into a window seat by means of custom-made conversions. If that is too time-consuming or too expensive for you, you can mount a simple piece of furniture or a simple bench in the form of a wooden board under the window front.

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Small Pillows – Oblong, Round, Square

Cushions are a great way to add color to your own four walls: They can be changed seasonally and have a quick effect on the room. Textiles are also great for getting to know a certain color

Beautiful Bouquets

Here the system is very clear: less is more! Only the exciting shapes and structures set the tone in this bouquet. The branches and fruits in dark green dominate most clearly and vigorously. The delicate gypsophila is a beautiful contrast. The flowers of the palm lily with their bell-shaped inflorescences, which are available in autumn, are special and interesting in the bouquet. Other white flowers that can be used are the snow forsythia, which blooms in winter.


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