The Best Playstation 4 Games You Are Looking For

Are you looking for good PlayStation 4 games? In our list we present you the most loved PlayStation 4 games that you can play now. We include all titles that have appeared since the Sony console was launched 7 years ago. Those looking for the latest games and those who have missed a few real gems from the past few years will find what they are looking for.


Gravity Rush 2

The world of Gravity Rush 2 is sometimes upside down. Or on the side. This is mainly due to Kat, the heroine of the game, who can influence gravity with her powers. As Kat tries to tear a city out of the clutches of a dictatorial councilor and later a mad scientist, she uses gravity to catapult herself into the air, fight enemies and solve puzzles.

Gran Turismo Sport

For all those who were looking for a contact point for online races and wanted to maneuver their cars precisely around the tracks, the game offered a lot of driving fun right from the start, in addition to the usual vehicles, great engine noises and clean technology.

The Last Guardian

Together, the unlikely duo embarks on an journey through a huge, apparently abandoned ruin. There are all kinds of puzzles to be solved, evil forces to be defied and most importantly, the bond of friendship between humans and animals to be strengthened.

The Last Of Us Part 2

The story of The Last of Us Part 2 begins four years after its celebrated predecessor. In the role of Ellie, you travel through post-America to seek revenge after a gruesome event in the city of Jackson. Like the first part, The Last of Us 2 consists of a combination of stealth and action sequences, but this time in much larger areas.

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Horizon Zero Dawn

The action takes us to a distant future, in which machines have conquered the earth. Humans have come together in primitive tribes and hunt the mechanical beasts. At the center of the story is the young Aloy, an outcast hunter who is tasked with finding out what’s behind a new threat that makes the machines look even more dangerous.


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