Personal Care And Its Important Facts

Personal care is particularly important to us because we respect each individual with their own wishes and thoughts. Exercise, healthy eating and from time to time some preventive measures – what comes to your mind when you think about your health? Most of the time we start the topic with our body first. But health has also the mental side. Both are important because without your health everything else becomes secondary.


Take Care Of Your Body With Movement

A healthy mind thrives good in a healthy body. So your body is an important tool for your mental health. But today we move less and less and spend a lot of time sitting. Try counting the hours you spend sitting all day – you will be amazed! On the way to work in the morning, at the desk during the day and on the couch again in the evening. A lot comes together. Therefore, consciously put your priority on your body. Personal care of it by exercising. Two and a half hours of light exercise and an hour of harder fitness spread over the week is great for staying fit. By the way, you can arrange this with the first one by surrounding yourself with a strong team sports and by spending a good time together beyond the sport.

Mental Health Nutrition

You can easily see the combination between nutrition and mental health. You go through the rest of the day with less energy. When it comes to nutrition, you can move a lot with the general list: Drink some water in the first hour of the day, leave out sugar, reduce your meat consumption and eat fruit and vegetables every day. Sounds easy right? All you need is a clear awareness. Provide your body with everything it needs for great performance.

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Personal Care

Maintain Your Relationships

Getting in touch with other people has unexpected advantages on your mental health. But more and more people today feel lonely and alone. Studies show that loneliness can have a bad long term effect like smoking. We humans are social beings and need to get in touch with others. It’s not about great love or the best relationship, but about surrounding yourself with people with whom you feel more relaxed. Especially if you work a lot and are constantly busy, it is all the more important to consciously take yourself out and focus on being with others. Because relationships are an important support for your life in the long term – both when you are doing well and when you need help.


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