How To Change Your Fortnite Name On Ps4

Why would you change your Fortnite name? Various reasons lead to wanting to change your display name in the game. This is the name shown to opponents or to fellow players in save the world mode. Perhaps you’ve adopted a new name and are unhappy with the old one. Maybe you just want to try something new. In Fortnite you have the chance to do this very simply and easily. We’ll show you how to do it on PS4.


How Often Can You Change Your Name?

This works with your account on the Epic Games page every 14 days. So if you are dissatisfied with a new name, you can choose a new one after 14 days. The exception is profiles on PS4 and PS5, which adhere to the times of the identification and gamer tags. Then you enter the name again in another field to confirm it. Also, tick that you understand that you cannot change the name again for 14 days.

Confirm That Now And Your Name Will Be Changed

Fortnite name can’t be changed? If you can’t confirm after entering the name, it’s probably because you changed the name less than 14 days ago. Another possibility is that you haven’t yet verified the email linked with the profile. To do this, log into the email and look for the message from Epic Games. There you follow the link to confirm the profile.

Fortnite Name

Change Fortnite Name On PS4

Since changing names is actually working, you can also change your name on PS4. This is where the game uses the PSN name. You can change your identification immediately from profile in your browser, or you can do it from your console. On the PlayStation 4 you follow this path: Settings, Account data ,Profile , Online identification. Note that after confirming the change, you will be signed out on all devices. Log in again to see the new identification. By the way, if it’s your first time changing your name, it’s free. It then costs about 10 dollars if you have a PS Plus membership.

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