Best DIY & Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Party

We have the spookiest Halloween recipes for your night event. And best of all: blood soup, maggot salad and more recipes which taste irresistible.

Delicious recipes with pumpkins are an integral part of every Halloween night. There’s the pumpkin soup, for example, which tastes so light and creamy that we can’t get enough of it! Or the pumpkin compote. The one pot pasta with pumpkin is also a good highlight, which can be prepared in just a few minutes. For those with a sweet tooth among the party guests, a delicious pumpkin pie is a must!


Potato Mummies

These stuffed potato mummies not only look very scary, they taste damn good too! You should definitely try this.

Best DIY & Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Party
Best DIY & Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Party

Eerie Eyes

Take an empty paper towel roll and cut scowling eyes out of the cardboard. You put a glowing glow stick inside. It is best to place the whole thing in a dark place so that only the glowing eyes can be seen – for example in a bush in the garden or in a cupboard that is slightly open. Then all you have to do is wait until a guest at your Halloween night comes by and gets scared.

The Ice Cold Hand

The ice-cold hand ensures drinks and a moment of danger for your guests – namely an iced hand. Simply fill a thin latex glove with water and freeze. Then you remove the glove from the ice and put it in the bowl with punch. For an additional effect, you can color the water with juice or food coloring before freezing

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Bloody Affair

Fake blood is a very specific accessory when you want to celebrate Halloween with your friends. You can easily make this yourself with three ingredients that you probably even have at home.

  • Syrup (not too dark and not too sticky, like agave!
  • red food coloring
  • some cocoa powder

Mix everything together. Add the food coloring and the cocoa depending on the desired color intensity. The cocoa not only makes the blood a little darker, but also thicker. Then you can smear it on your face and other skin areas and draw wounds as you wish. This will make your Halloween really horrifying and your guests will be amazed.


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