Who Are The Levites In The Bible?

The tribe descended from Levi son of Jacob. When Moses came down from the mountain and saw the golden calf that the people had made, he said, “Come to me whoever is for the LORD! And all the sons of Levi gathered to him.” He commanded them to gird on their swords and each one to slay his brother, his neighbor, and his neighbor. And about 3,000 men fell that day from the people. Moses said that every one consecrate to the LORD, each in his son, and in his brother, that God may bring blessing upon them three main lineages emerged from the Levites: the Gersonites, the Kohatites, and the Merarites.

Moses and Aaron were descendants of Kohath. When the camp rested, this tribe surrounded the tabernacle. When it broke, they had to carry the various parts and the sacred things that went with them. According to Numbers 4:3, the Levites began serving at the tabernacle at the age of 30. But in Numbers the age is given as 25. Before the Levites entered the holy orders, they were thoroughly cleansed and blessed. The children of Israel laid their hands upon them, and Aaron waved them “before the Lord on the part of the children,” that they might do the service of the Lord. An atonement was made for them.


Chronicle offers the most varied and distinctive image of the Levites in the Old Testament. In the interpretation of earlier Old Testament rules, they create a functional image of the Levites that integrates the team into all temple activities and even allows them to transcend the temple area by being employed in authorized structures. If one looks at the files of the chronicle diachronically, one can see a historical development from a temple in various lower services to influence in the administration in the acumen of indirect rule.

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The Levites had no inheritance in the land, and that they might be free in the service of the Lord, they were given tithes. Many cities were given them to live in and the environs of the cities for their cattle. The Levites are a kind of Christians who are redeemed, cleansed, and sanctified for the service of the Lord and have no inheritance on earth.


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