What To Do In Lebanon – What to See and Eat in Lebanon

Lebanon is certainly not a regular travel destination. But precisely for this reason you can spend a relaxing holiday far away from mass tourism and get to know the most well known sights of this country. You shouldn’t forget to taste the regional specialties, because they differ enormously from European cuisine. Get to know the destination of Lebanon.



Baalbek, one of the most important historical sites in the country, is a trend among visitors. This city already existed in Roman times and was then called Heliopolis, which means something like “City of the Sun”. The centuries and numerous wars and disasters Baalbek survived well and is today one of the main attractions for tourists, a place with of mysticism.


Anyone interested in the history of Lebanon should definitely not miss the Archaeological Museum in the capital Beirut. One of the oldest museums in the country, this has interesting exhibits dating back to the Stone Age. If you want to discover more historical buildings in Beirut, you should go to the district of Basta Tahta. The well-preserved old baths are particularly worth mentioning.

What To Do In Lebanon - What to See and Eat in Lebanon
What To Do In Lebanon – What to See and Eat in Lebanon

The Moussa Castle

Lebanon is certainly not a travel destination in the normal sense, and it is not necessarily one of the safest holiday areas. Therefore, few tourists are attracted to this country. So you can spend a holiday here far away from mass and take in the sights of Lebanon in peace. One of the highlights in the country is the Moussa Castle. This castle is located on the outskirts of Deir El Qamar. Moussa Castle is about 40 km away from Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, and can therefore also be easily reached from here by car.

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One of the country’s traditional dishes is kibbeh. This is lamb mixed with bulgur wheat. This can be eaten raw, cooked or fried.

Coffee With Cardamom

Coffee is also a trend in Lebanon and is drunk at any time of the day – it is usually served black, very strong and flavored with cardamom.


A typical dessert in Lebanon, like in other countries, is baklava. This dessert is often perfumed with rose water.


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