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Windows, doors and other parts have the ability to illuminate rooms with daylight, provide fresh air and allow the view outside. After the roller shutters are used in the evening, the focus is no longer on the windows. A window that thinks for itself TGP Systems has created an important innovation world first that leads to a simplified life and notably changes the perception of aluminum design.

The latest products are the first intelligent PVCs and is now used not only as a building material but also as a an assistant and working tool. Furthermore, the smart window acts as a modern advertising display in shops and many buildings. Probably one of the most remarkable technical highlights on the global market for windows and doors. Of course, your individual smart window can be ordered and delivered to measure and in any design. Companies manufacture the individual products made to measure and according to customer requirements. The order will be made in the shortest possible time. This aluminum solution is available in PVC, aluminum, wood and wood-aluminum profiles and meets all our requirements. Both heat insulation and sound insulation are convincing due to the brilliant values. Of course, the functions of the smart Windows are not affected by this.

In our offer you will find the highest quality aluminum products made of both PVC and aluminum. Find out about specific solutions in architecture that have proven themselves over the years in private households around the world. Let’s look at the usage areas of aluminum in architecture industry with specific details.

Winter Garden Patio Enclosure Systems

There are two kinds of conservatories: a heated residential conservatory and an unheated cold conservatory. A cold conservatory is a mixture of a patio roof and side walls. It usually allows you to use your patio from spring to autumn. A cold conservatory from roofing offers you wind and rain protection and creates an excellent indoor climate on warm days. In winter it protects the plants from frost. A cold conservatory does not require heating and usually represents a connection between the home and the garden. Overall, a cold conservatory offers a cheaper way to a residential conservatory and it’s only cold in the winter. At TGP Systems, you have the chance to purchase a cold conservatory at a relatively low price in relation to a heated residential conservatory. All 3 sides of a conservatory can be individually equipped with either fixed or sliding materials according to your wishes.

Modern glass patio cover – glass roof systems –  An aluminum patio canopy glass modern is the best option in contrast to a regular canopy. The aesthetic aspect plays a major role. After all, the product should suit your own garden. Popular colors for a modern patio roof is creamy white. No matter which color you choose, this is definitely an eye-catcher in the garden. Here you can stay in summer and winter. With a good lounge set under the canopy, the style is maintained. 

Aluminum patio roof with glass as a kit and glazing systems – All patio roofs are supplied as a kit and can be easily assembled step by step thanks to the detailed assembly instructions with assembly. Before assembling the aluminum patio canopy with glass as a kit, you should ensure that the masonry is stable enough to ensure the canopy stands securely. With wall mounting, this is attached to the house wall and stands on posts at the front. As soon as the right framework conditions have been created, you can easily build your own patio roof with a little manual skill. It is important to note whether a building permit is required. As so often, it is not always possible to install terrace roofs without first informing the responsible building authority. Read more :

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Windows and Doors

Aluminum windows look good, but the insulation could be better? In contrast to regular aluminum frame profiles, as with all our frames, we always use plastic in the core, which is completely covered by aluminum panels on the outside and inside. This gives you the new look of aluminum with the outstanding insulation properties of plastic.

All aluminum front doors have a similar structure: the door leaf is made of aluminum. It usually has a PU rigid foam filling. The door leaf can be created with an internal leaf profile over the entire surface. The aluminum door frame and the all-round seal also ensure good thermal insulation. Leaf-enclosing front doors are being installed more and more frequently. More details  :

Railing and Fence Systems

We manufacture aluminum fences and railings for you – in the way that suits you, in any color you want. You benefit from the great advantages of aluminum as an element: This metal does not rust and never needs to be repainted. You enjoy complete freedom from maintenance and still have a durable, weather-resistant fence. Your railing or fence will remain beautiful for a long time, appearing like new.

The most important areas of application of the light and corrosion-resistant aluminum today are constructions on the garden or terraces, mechanical engineering and packaging. In all examples and applications, the mass saving is of the greatest importance, on the one hand due to the need for economical manufacture in the aluminum industry, on the other hand due to the possibility of secondary savings during assembly or the relief of the substructure in architecture. The freedom from maintenance due to corrosion resistance and rational production with specially developed extruded profiles are further important arguments for the use of aluminum components in TPG Systems company. The products are also characterized by its excellent recyclability in TPG Systems. Visit the official webpage of the company to get cheap and smart offers. See all products :

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