How To Remove Blank Rows In Excel

Removing blank rows in Excel tables can help with clarity during creation. Unfortunately, once the table is created, the rows do exactly the opposite. It can therefore be advantageous to delete the empty rows in the table. We’ll show you how to do this in the following.


Select The Correct Column

In order for Excel to find out where the cells are located that you want to delete, a column must first be selected. In our example we could select the following columns: A, B, C, D, E, F or G. We have chosen column D here. In order to increase the clarity when creating a table, many users insert blank lines. But once the spreadsheet is complete, the advantage often turns into a disadvantage. Now it is important to delete the empty lines from the folder as efficiently as possible.

Highlight Empty Cells In The Selection

A drop-down list then opens from which you can select the Go entry. In the new window, click the contents button at the bottom left. After you have activated the button Empty cells and confirmed everything, all empty cells are marked in the selection. You can now check again whether you have accidentally captured areas that should be left out.

If everything fits, switch to the cells group – also on the Start tab. This is located to the left of the edit. Then click on the small arrow, which is arranged next to or below the Delete button depending on the window size.

Blank Rows In Excel
Blank Rows In Excel

Delete Cells

From the drop-down menu select Delete cells and in the following the function Whole line. Now confirm the command with the button and Excel will then remove all blank lines in your selection. But with a trick you can mark and delete all empty lines.

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Call up the “Go to” section with F5 or the key . Click on the Contents button there. In the Select content that appears, select “Empty cells” and confirm: All empty cells are marked / selected. If too much has been selected, mark the area or a column manually beforehand. Now click with the right mouse button in a marked row and select “Delete cells” and then “Whole line”.


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