How to Make Single Name on Facebook

How do I put a single name on Facebook? It is practically mandatory for users of the Facebook platform not to allow themselves to be completely identified, for example at least a name and a surname when displaying the media profile. But for some users this is a burden for the developers of the Facebook network, because for them just having a name, it is the perfect option that can be offered and it is more than enough.


Some Recommendations

Before placing just one name on the Facebook profile, it is important that you consider a number of recommendations and what to consider if you really only want to have one name on your media profile. So you must:

-Complete the download of the application called VPN

-Enter the app

-Select in the section corresponding to the country

How to Make Single Name on Facebook
How to Make Single Name on Facebook

General Settings – Your username

In the menu item Username you can change the URL, the location of your Facebook profile. Not every username is still available, some are immediately blocked by the platform. The address should not be used for jokes, but to make it easier to find and link to your profile. After you have found a username that is still available, you can access your profile via these links (Of course, you must replace USERNAME with your own at this point).

Users can also be determined without a real name in the event of offenses

Critics of a single name requirement also fear collateral damage at the expense of open communication online. Experts also point out that there are legitimate reasons for remaining anonymous. In the protection of anonymity, people would rather find the courage to seek help on issues such as abuse or addiction problems online. For the prosecution of criminal offenses, it is sufficient if users could be traced to investigating authorities through their phone number, for example. Real profile names are not required for this. And according to today’s ruling, Facebook can no longer demand it from long-term users.

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