How To Connect To Wifi Without Password On Android

Once the password has been entered, devices connect immediately to the WLAN router. But what to do if you want to set up a new device and have forgotten the network key? You can use these ideas to display the WiFi password. But what to do if you want to connect a new device to the home wifi and have forgotten the password? We show how to find out the password on different devices.

In order to be able to read out the WLAN password, you must be logged into Windows in a user profile with admin rights. Restricted users, such as collaborators, don’t have access to saved passwords for a reason. If necessary, switch accounts or deal the network or device owner.

Read Out The WLAN Password With The Command Prompt

If there is currently no WLAN connection, you can also query a previously entered password with the Windows command prompt. You also need admin rights for this.

Launch Command Prompt by typing in the search box and click. Run as administrator once the application appears. Confirm the security promptly. Now enter the following command in the console: netsh WLAN show profile name. Instead of enter the name of the desired WLAN network. Confirm your entry with Enter. A list of network properties is displayed, including the key.

How To Connect To Wifi Without Password On Android
How To Connect To Wifi Without Password On Android

How Can The WLAN Password Be Read Out From The Router?

Many manufacturers ship their routers with a regular or pre-shared key printed on them. Guest users can then read it from the bottom of the device or scan a code to connect to the wifi. You can find out how to set up a secure guest WLAN here.

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However, it is not always advisable to use the default password, since attackers can easily guess it. Experts recommend assigning your own code and a unique name for the network when setting up the router. You can use the router software to read out or change the password later – provided you have access to the router’s interface. As a rule, this should also be protected with its own router password.

However, you should make sure that the function switches off after a while and is not permanently active in order not to attract uninvited guests. A WPS feature that can be activated remotely and is only secured with a PIN poses a potential security danger.


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