How To Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks

In order to be able to experience the complete flat screen TV enjoyment with a great picture, you should clean your TV screen regularly. It is important to use the right elements so as not to damage the screen.

In order to have an optimal picture at all times, you should regularly remove dust from your TV. To do this, use a feather duster or duster about once a week and gently wipe your screen with it. If your duster is attached to a plastic stick, be careful not to push down too hard or the stick will leave unsightly scratches on the screen. You can also use microfiber cloths to remove dust from your TV. The cloths are soft enough not to scratch the surface of the screen. At the same time, they do not lint, so cleaning is easy by hand.

You can also use a soft brush for those hard to reach areas, like the areas around the buttons or the frame border. Also, don’t forget to clean the back of your TV regularly. This is where the important ventilation slots are located, which should not be broken.

How To Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks
How To Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks

Remove Light Soiling

Unfortunately, dust isn’t the only contamination that tv’s can exhibit. Especially with children, it sometimes happens that fingerprints are found on the screen or maybe streaks are left over from the last cleaning. Glasses cleaning cloths, which you can moisten slightly with water before use, are suitable for removing light soiling from your TV screen.

Usually, the packaging of the wipes states whether or not they are suitable for cleaning screens. Toilet paper or kitchen paper, for example, is unsuitable. Before you clean the television, you should switch it off and, to be on the safe side, unplug it. Wait about half an hour to give the device enough time to cool down completely. Shake your cleaning cloth well before use so that no dirt residue scratches your screen. Carefully walk over the area in circular movements and focus explicitly on the contaminated areas.

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