How The Aesthetic Outfit Types Rule The Fashion

Fashion evolves over time and this season there is a popularity that has not gone unnoticed: the Aesthetic outfit. The basics of this new movement relates to everything aesthetic, to the essence of beauty, to art and the sense of everything that looks beautiful.


What Does Aesthetic Fashion Look Like?

Aesthetic fashion is broad and within fashion we can find different outfits. However, there are some items of clothing that you shouldn’t miss if you want to add them to your wardrobe. We’ll tell you what they are so you can get an aesthetic look when you ask yourself whats my aesthetic:

For tops, checked blouses, oversized shirts, lingerie tops and bandeau crop tops are a must. Sweatpants, checked skirts, pants with wide legs and biker pants are suitable for bottoms. When it comes to shoes and accessories, sneakers and a baguette bag are a classic.

The Aesthetic Vintage

This outfit reflects the love for fashion of the past, especially from the 70’s to the 90’s. Key pieces include boyfriend pants, denim skirts, turtlenecks and shirts for whats my aesthetic.

The Aesthetic Grunge 

Grunge is a slightly darker and edgier one than the rest, dating back to the 90’s. Checks, fishnet tights, necklaces and boots are the most well known items of clothing. When it comes to colors, cool ones like grays and whites are essential for a grunge style.

Minimalism Outfits

The minimalist model explores the visual appeal of shapes, lines and volumes. It’s an outfit that plays with different shades of the same color, different textures and asymmetries. Simplicity and natural colors are a must for the style when you ask about whats my aesthetic for this style? Clean-lined garments in shades of white or black always add a great touch to this outfits.

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Art Hoe

This aesthetic started there with the Black and LGBTQ society posting nature-themed art and images. While the word hoe, meaning “whore,” probably sounds controversial, it’s actually a clever way of turning the (mostly male) notion of promiscuous women, especially black women, on its head. The creators say that the term art hoe is meant to empower black members and not to demean them in any way. The art hoe look is defined by nature and art, with yellow being the most used color.

When it comes to being aesthetic it’s all about character! So strive to be a unique, and genuine one in all aspects of your life through to enjoy the best aesthetic fashion.


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