House of Cappadocia Cave Suite

Volcanic eruptions, watercourses, sometimes harder, sometimes hollowed out. If you want to spend the night in Cappadocia in proper form, you have to go to a cave of course. To a cave hotel! In central Anatolia, it is an otherworldly destination that tops many travelers lists. Valleys, rock styles and caves. Some of these caves hotels vast rooms, churches and even dwellings created by early Christians over the years. When planning a trip to Cappadocia, you don’t have to settle for an ordinary accommodation. Instead, you can have an amazing time at one of Cappadocia’s cave hotels. These are entire hotels carved out of the countryside, letting you experience the true beauty of the region. 

In The Middle Of Turkey, Formed By Fire and Water

The Göreme Park, is a World Cultural and Natural Heritage and is famous for its cave style hotels. The landscape around Göreme is characterized by unique towering tufa, which mostly look like pointed hats and are called fairy chimneys. There are wonderful cave hotels here: we tell you what it feels like to sleep under the layers of deposits that make Cappadocia’s landscape so great

House of Cappadocia Cave Suites 

Even from the outside, the  is an impressive sight, because it extends over an entire rock. From the inside, it is a luxury cave in the truest sense of the word: There are spa treatments in the niches of the  cave walls , excellent cuisine with a view of the rugged landscape from the panorama and in the rooms there are fruit baskets or sparkling wine in the small cave niches. 

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Special features of the deluxe rooms are the arches or that these are rooms made of natural stone and they have a view of the wonder, the valley. The window niches are furnished in a classic Ottoman style. You will be amazed by the design resembling a palace room and the beauty of the region.

The cave suites here at the hotel are very narrow. You get a feel for what it’s like to sleep underground. Take a trip to the great Cappadocia Cave Suites. Located in Goreme, this hotel occupies old caves and has a distinctly medieval ambience. All suites, however, are luxuriously appointed, and some even offer living rooms and private fireplaces. At the hotel’s restaurant you can enjoy a nice selection of local specialties as well as some global dishes. When footsteps can be heard from above at night, the movie Collapsed Cave quickly plays in your mind’s eye. Of course, there are no windows either – without lamps there would be no light, and without air conditioning there would be no air either. So you shouldn’t imagine the power failure at night either. But power outages are not the order of the day at the  and certainly no collapses. If it gets too tight for you, you can also move into one of the rooms above ground – with a great view included, of course. But then what do you want to tell your friends?


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