Hair Care Methods For Healthy Hair

Over the time, our hair has to withstand a great deal: it is combed and brushed hundreds of times, washed and blow-dried several times a week and is exposed to the sun for around 200 days. All of this pressures the outer cuticle that protects every hair. It reflects the incident light and makes the hair shine. However, heat, hair colors or stress can roughen and damage the cuticle. Then the hair becomes brittle and dry; it is difficult to comb. Unfortunately, because hair cannot repair itself, it needs a little help. However, it does not necessarily need hair treatments to make hair look beautiful again. There are some ways to keep your hair care in the first place. And they are very simple.


Wringing Out Instead Of Rubbing

If you let the toweling off of your hair, you’ve already gained a lot. Wet hair is swollen and very sensitive. When rubbing, the surfaces of the hair roughen each other up as if you were rubbing pine cones against each other. Wrapped in a towel and carefully wrung out does not matter to the hair.

Blow-Dry Warm Instead Of Hot

Temperatures that are relaxing when you aim the blow-dryer on the scalp are also fine for the hair. Air-drying is the gentlest, but it is difficult to do in the evenings with long hair. Damp hair on the other hand, can become rough on the pillow. Natural elements instead of electrical ones: We recommend, for example, combs made of wood or horn without sharp edges, as well as brushes with wild boar bristles.

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Brush Lovingly Instead Of Constantly Washing

Hairdressers recommend brushing your scalp and hair daily (before washing your hair) for a few minutes with a high-quality brush with bristles that taper off like a brush. If the scalp receives this attention, the hair quality will also be better. The surface of the hair is also slightly smoothed so that it shines a little more and is less tangled.

Hair Care

When Does A Hair Treatment Make Sense?

Hair treatments restore shine to damaged hair. In addition, they contain substances that are deposited on the hair scales and cover them with a protective layer. The conventional cures contain care substances or quaternary compounds that attach to the hair and have an antistatic way that ensure a smooth surface. Natural products bring shine to the hair with vegetable oils. The benefits of a hair treatment can, however, go beyond a temporarily improved appearance.

Lemon Juice For Oily Hair

A lemon juice pack is great for oily hair: Dilute the juice of one lemon with the same amount of water. Distribute the juice drop by drop on the wet scalp and massage in gently. Then comb the hair carefully, let it work for 20 min. and rinse well.

Olive Oil Against Strawy Hair

A cure with olive oil helps against strawy, dull hair: To do this, warm the oil in a saucepan lukewarm, massage into the hair, wrap everything in cling and let it work until it cools, then wash.


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