Essential Basic Beard Care Set For Brand New Beards

Perhaps you are an absolute beginner: Without a beard brush and beard oil, all beards will or will be nothing. These are basics that you should get right at the beginning. Why? Very easily. Both a beard brush and beard oil ensure that your beard hair and facial skin are cared for. The beard brush not only distributes the applied beard oil even better, but above all massages your facial skin.

The massage is beneficial and increases blood circulation in your skin. Oxygen and nutrients that it needs to be healthy come up with the blood. The small beard brush is great for short beards. Their natural boar bristles are flexible and gentle on the skin. The pear wood looks noble and is pleasantly grippy and handy. You can of course choose the beard oil freely. Massage it in before brushing, preferably twice a day, but very sparingly, drop by drop.

It supplies your skin and your beard hair with everything they need and also puts a protective measure on it so that your most important area on the face is protected from environmental influences. If you are one of those men who are plagued by itching while growing, the soothing effects of beard oil will help you. Check out the set. The high-quality brush is a feast for the eyes and the beard oil is bursting with healthy benefits.

Beard Care Set For Those Who Wear A Mustache

Of course, every beard wants to be cultivated, but the mustache most of all. Because as soon as hair grows over the lip or in the nose or which extends from the nose to the upper lip, it gets scary. We assume: No man wants a booger, a snot fly. To be called a mustache, on the other hand, is appealing to the mustache. These can be achieved with a pair of beard scissors, which are so sharp that they playfully cut stubborn, stray and dissolute mustache hair and can even touch the hair of the nose because their tips are rounded so that nothing bleeds.

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Beard Care

Beard Shampoo And Beard Balm

So that your beard is not only textured, but also clean, soft, shiny, fragrant and shaped, you of course need a little more in your beard care set. If you value a natural look, you should only use natural quality. For example, a real wood comb made of maple, which is great for loosening small nodules. For proper cleaning, a wonderfully fragrant beard soap made from raw materials, which absorbs heavy soiling and odors. Washed clean and slightly dried, skin and beard hair then thirst for beard oil, which smells wonderfully, nourishes and protects.

So that this gets into every hair tip and every skin pore, you take the pear wood brush with wild boar bristles that are easy to spread, which massage on top of it soothingly and stimulate blood circulation and get your mane into shape. All that remains is a gentle, tamer beard balm. This easily lays and holds your whiskers in line.


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