Can You Use Aloe Vera As Lube

There are times in life when it’s not so easy to get wet before or during sex. Whether it is due to the menopause, stress or other influences. And even if it otherwise works with the lubrication, sometimes it could be more. Luckily there is lube. But what if there isn’t any in the home or you don’t really tolerate it? Don’t despair: There are natural options that you may even have at home and can use as a substitute for lube. Or do you simply make your own lubricant? However, there are certain remedies and they can sometimes come into contact with vaginal membranes.

But be careful: You should not use lubricating gel substitutes with oil or lubricating gels if you are using a condom for contraception. Oils can dissolve the rubber in the condom, the rubber would become porous and the protection would no longer be given.

Aloe Vera

Either pure aloe vera gel from the tube or squeeze the gel  from the aloe vera plant. Aloe vera is considered to be very well tolerated, but you should first carefully check how you and, above all, your mucous membranes react to the gel with a small amount. In addition, not every commercially available aloe vera is of the pure variety. Sometimes there is micro plastic in it! So make sure that the aloe vera content is as high as possible and do not use gels with umpteen ingredients that you cannot assign. Less is more here!

Can You Use Aloe Vera As Lube
Can You Use Aloe Vera As Lube

The Natural Option With Aloe Vera

Another, natural option is the one with aloe vera. Of course, as already mentioned, you can also use aloe vera pure – the plant gel is suitable for skin care, but is also compatible with membranes. Mixed with linseed oil, however, results in a longer-lasting moist mixture. To do this, combine equal parts of aloe vera with linseed oil – for example half a cup each. This lubricant substitute should also be used up quickly, and the same applies here: work clean! In addition, this variant is not suitable for use with condoms due to the oil content!

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