Best Italian National Dish

The Italian cuisine inspires with unusual recipes for starters, with many great dishes. Pizza and pasta are certainly high on the selected foods of Italian home cooking, as they are considered the national dish of the country. But also the famous Osso Bucco from the beef leg slice, the healthy, purely minestrone and of course the numerous variations are among the Italian soul food.

Although the cuisine is strongly regional, it has one thing in common in every place. The food is usually good and always plentiful. Several courses are lined up one after the other, in the order of anti pasti, secondi piatti and, of course, the desserts at the end. In the north and the foothills of the mountains with colder temperatures and more precipitation enjoy the regional supply of ingredients. In addition, the north of Italy is a far more prosperous area than the south, which is also reflected in the choice of ingredients.

Very simplified but also descriptive one can say: Meat, especially beef and pork, mushrooms, wines and herbs are typical for the region. While in the south chicken, fish and lamb are offered more often. The north likes to stew and loves fine roasts, while the south likes to grill and enrich us with numerous salad dishes.

In Italy, breakfast is not particularly important. The first meal of the day is usually eaten quickly and while standing. Italian breakfast therefore often consists of a coffee drink, such as an espresso. In addition, a sweet croissant  with jam or chocolate. From around 10 a.m. the Italians then take their Tramezzo. The morning snack, so to speak, which is then a little more substantial. For example, a sandwich topped with ham or cheese. But the Italians have a completely different breakfast at the weekend: Home-baked bread is often served in the morning.


Polenta is one of the greatest Italian dishes you will ever taste. It’s creamy, soft and very delicious. Polenta or farina di corn is commonly known outside of the country as yellow cornmeal. There are a few different varieties like cornmeal with buckwheat, but polenta gialla is what’s used the most.


Lasagna is a kind of Italian specialty, possibly one of the oldest national specialties, made from very broad, flat sheets. Each term can also refer to an Italian dish consisting of stacked layers of lasagne, alternated with fillings such as ragù, vegetables, cheese and condiments such as Italian spices such as garlic and basil can be filled.

Best Italian National Dish
Best Italian National Dish

Caprese Crema

Who could resist a caprese as a starter? This gets a portion of summery freshness: with fine diced peppers, lemon juice and lemon zest.

Ravioli With Bolognese and Spinach Sauce

Wonderfully hearty: The homemade dumplings are filled with spicy lamb Bolognese. The creamy spinach cream sauce makes the dish great!

Vegetable Antipasti

The fried vegetables go well with mozzarella or grilled fish fillets. Toasted bread is also great.


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