Agario.Boston With Different Themes

Play online together with players from all over the world and try to become the biggest cell! Control your little cell and eat other players to grow bigger! But be careful: bigger players will try to make you their lunch. Survive and feed long enough to become the biggest cell in the agario game! Boston can also convince millions of players worldwide and that without breathtaking shapes, but only with a great game process. But if you look at the high score or leaderboard chart, you are far from being the largest cell and thus number one. In contrast to the browser, there is neither the group nor the mode in the application. But that too will surely be added shortly. Once you’ve gotten bigger, it’s helpful to split up. The reason: This allows you to shoot yourself forward. In order for the hostile takeover to succeed in this version, you should be at least twice the size of the largest cell in the area so that you don’t get swallowed up yourself. Always take the shortest route and collect all points. Furthermore, you should never let yourself be pushed into a corner or edge in Boston, otherwise the competition has a good opportunity. Also heed our tip to hide behind obstacles.


Agario.Boston Information About the Game


With new functions specifically created for touchscreens, Boston offers you the same addictive game that many are already enjoying. Play online in for all mode and use split, shrink and dodge strategies to catch or avoid other players! Use a selection of specific secret skins with the right username! You could also try my new themes for Boston if you want. The site offers you the themes in white, red, blue and green. You can choose one of them. You can also change the background to the shape you prefer. To do this, please go to the Boston page, press the 12th function key, switch to the console tab and paste the code to it. Besides, you can connect to any server you want.

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