3 New Books Not To Be Missed

If you are still looking for brand new books for your monthly reading list, you will find it here. Because this month has everything ready – from gripping stories to moving fates.


Shelter by Ursula Poznanski

In her new youth thriller, the successful Austrian author came up with a story that sounds so absurd at first that you can’t believe it. Benny and his friends spread the news of terrestrial visitors online after a night of drinking – still under the impression of their hangover. They eagerly await the reaction of their fellow human beings. What they didn’t expect: They take their news pretty seriously, and Benny has to put his life in danger while trying to clear everything up. Anyone reading the book should be prepared to prepare for a visit from the aliens after reading it.


Layla – Colleen Hoover

With this book, the US author is once again sure of a place in the bestsellers. In Layla the protagonist falls in love with the musician Leeds at her sister’s wedding. Everything seems great until the musician’s ex-girlfriend tries to shoot Layla. From now on, nothing is as it was. Not only Layla’s psyche, but also their relationship was damaged in the attempted murder. To smooth things over, Leeds rents her on a trip to the house where they met. But something seems to be wrong there. A bit of drama and thriller that should be extremely exciting.

Night Sky Full Of Promise – Mounia Jayawanth

With this book the new series starts. Volume 1 tells the story of Sydney and Luke. They spend an unforgettable night together. Both are sure that there is a very special connection between them. But Luke wants to go abroad and decides not to have a relationship with Sydney. However, they agree to meet again in the same place when he returns. But Sydney waits in vain. Five years later, she still thinks of him when they unexpectedly meet again. Luke doesn’t seem to be able to remember their previous agreement. Whether there is still a chance for the two of them? The promising and heartfelt story leads us to expect great things from the author.

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