15 design ideas for the remains in memory exhibition stand

A good exhibition stand starts with a good exhibition stand design. That’s why we have developed stands for you whose modules can be easily assembled, expanded and reused. This enables quick assembly and disassembly without tools as well as the creative design of the exhibition stand. If you are wondering what are 15 design ideas for the remains in memory exhibition stand, keep reading.

To achieve maximum success from a standing start, there are a few points to consider. If these are implemented correctly, the exhibition and presentation will be a complete success for you and your visitors.

Our modular trade fair stands offer the ideal basic building block for this and provide sophisticated trade fair displays that impress both old and new customers.

These 15 tips reveal how to create a trade fair stand design that engages visitors and convinces them all along the line.

Here are 15 design ideas for the remains in memory exhibition stand

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1. Get the exhibition stand design in the right shape

The possibilities of setting up an exhibition stand are as varied as the products and services offered. You should take this opportunity and choose a form that supports your project. For example, a kitchen exhibitor might want to use linear elements, while a video game company might use round or abstract modules. The right shape of the stand also includes the right height. This should be adapted according to the product and should be stylishly emphasized rather than undercut. A memorable exhibition stand design is very important.

2. Less is usually more

Talk about deception: Excessive decoration can be distracting and distract from the main purpose of promoting the product or your company. Therefore, it should be clear at first glance what your stand stands for. A long search through irrelevant knick-knacks, balloons, vases and other decorative items can quickly cause potential customers to lose interest and get into the competition where it is clearer what is on offer. Simplicity is key for a memorable exhibition stand.

3. The psychology of colors

Every color has a very special effect on us humans. You can use this to your advantage. Blue symbolizes trust, while we associate health and naturalness with green. Red symbolizes willpower and energy. So get involved in color theory and hit the bullseye with your stand. Also, remember that an inappropriate choice of color can send the wrong signals that can be counterproductive and even a deterrent. Color choice is crucial for a memorable exhibition stand.

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4. Attractive creative exhibition stand design

There is probably nothing as destructive as a boring stand, which is why it is important to design an exhibition stand that creatively stands out from the competition and immediately catches the eye. Your stand should be noticed from a distance and allow visitors to recognize your company and your products. So don’t hesitate to be creative and think of an attractive eye-catcher that draws people’s attention and thus to your stand.

5. Choose a modern exhibition stand design

There is probably nothing as destructive as a boring stand, which is why it is important to design an exhibition stand that creatively stands out from the competition and immediately catches the eye. Your stand should be noticed from a distance and allow visitors to recognize your company and your products. So don’t be afraid to be creative and think of an attractive eye-catcher that draws people’s attention and thus to your stand. For a memorable trade fair stand, you should choose a modern design.

6. Interactive possibilities and VR

Interactive options are modern and exciting at the same time, where visitors will not only have something to look at, but also experience and participate. VR is extremely popular, which is why Virtual reality, where the customer can immerse themselves in their own world or expand the existing reality. This offers fascinating advertising measures that provide a fun and lasting impression on visitors. The motto “Not being there, but being right in the middle of it” also proved its worth at the trade fair stand.

7. Demonstrations and Presentations

Products to be presented to guests? Show or present, they immediately learn what it is and how to use it in a fun way. This way you save yourself from repeated explanations and customers get a lot of information that makes the product more interesting. A good demonstration, thanks to its entertainment value, can attract and convince customers who would otherwise show little or no interest in the product. One of the best ways to explain products or services can be led video walls. You can rent Led video wall in Las Vegas for your booth.

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8. A picture says more than a thousand words

You should heed this saying because it also applies to exhibition stands. We decide within seconds whether something interests us or not. Images and other visual stimuli are therefore much more effective than text. Especially if it is long and useful information is not immediately obvious. Although written information is good, it should be used as a supplement. The main focus should be on attracting and advertising through pictures, as it is much more effective.

9. Let there be light. Lighting is very important

Light is also a visual stimulus that has a great impact on us. Each lighting mode creates a different feeling. Harmonious lighting in the right colors can crown the exhibition stand design and support the desired effect in style. Make sure that color-changing and moving lights are not too busy, as this can create stress. The important thing is that the lighting concept harmonizes with the product from every angle and creates the right mood.

10. Recognition value

Your stand is your business card. If the stand visually reflects your company at first glance with appropriate branding, you already have a big advantage. Recognition value means that you are remembered by visitors and they recognize your company immediately and without thinking twice, based on your visual characteristics. And what is well remembered leaves an impression, which is ultimately an important success factor. If you want to be recognized, you should sign up. deciding on a mobile exhibition booth

11. Create a feel-good atmosphere

If your customers feel comfortable, they will be happy to come and stay longer. This gives you more time to present your company or products to them. In addition, the feel-good factor is an important contributor to customers having a positive attitude toward you and your offers. The lounge atmosphere created by the seated partition walls invites you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the fair and you can advertise in a relaxed atmosphere. Carpeting or other soft floor coverings relax the feet so that prospects can stand longer and talk to you without pain. Massage chairs are particularly attractive.

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12. Show your best side

You and all other employees at the stand make a special contribution to the feel-good atmosphere. A smile, clear body language and a friendly greeting show guests that they are welcome at your stand. Courtesy shows appreciation and is often rewarded with attention, listening and, in the best case, even buying. Offer your visitors drinks, snacks or small gifts. This way you will be remembered in a positive way and you will effectively represent and promote the company.

13. In the right place at the right time

Not only is it important that you are there from the start, but also that you choose the right location for your exhibition stand. This should be in an area that is easily accessible, clearly visible and relevant. However, remember not to set up your stand right next to a competitor, as this can negatively affect your success. Try to find a seat that is not in the far corner of the hall, as some visitors will not be able to see the whole exhibition. 

14. Arouse curiosity

Captivate visitors by making them curious. If there is something to discover, a wheel of fortune, a photo booth or a raffle, there is a good chance that visitors will take a closer look at your stand. Display boards, screens and videos also draw attention to your stand, arouse curiosity in trade fair visitors and complement the trade fair stand design in a modern way.

15. Offer added value

In addition to a captivating exhibition stand design and giveaways, emotional and exciting experiences at your stand with discussions with professionals, leading promoters, tastings, tips and information add value. If visitors feel that you are not just advertising, but that you answer them and want to offer them something, you gain many sympathy points and stay in touch. At best, even on social networks. If your guests are excited to visit your booth, you can even do additional advertising for your company by making news on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Co. Added value for both sides – it doesn’t get much better than that.

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